Who am I ?

Hey y’all ! No,I’m not Paula Dean,but I did live down the street from her restaurant “Lady and Sons” in Savannah Georgia a few years back in 2002 when I first began working online…

Me and a bunch of friends at the original” Lady and Sons” in 2002. I’m the front left.Lots of hair then, lol

Anyways, I’m Derek Bainbridge, I live in beautiful, sunny Saint Petersburg on the west coast of Florida. Born in Michigan but I grew up in Massachusetts towards Cape Cod.

I lived all over New England then worked my way down the coast to Florida, where I have been for 13 years. Gosh how time flies !

I am a Nutritionist, Cook, Visual designer, Seamster, Bartender, Server and furniture refinisher.

I have been online and marketing since 2002 when I purchased my 1st PC, so it was all a huge learning curve, though everything was a lot simpler then. There were only a handful of safelists,so people actually read your emails. There were a few Traffic exchanges, I think. The adboards were really big then.

I made some decent money, but it was never residual or permanent for that matter. Web 2. 0 came out and then everything started changing so quickly I couldn’t keep up. I got involved with affiliate sales for health products, energy drinks, workout programs etc, to find I didn’t believe in the products, nevermind use them or sell them for such a huge markup, it’s ridiculous !

Anyways, I had been involved in mlm and affiliate marketing on and off since 2002. On and off I say because I would skip around doing the frustration dance, never being satisfied with any affiliate program I was involved in or I was burned by a mlm company more than once. Needless to say, I was fed up, so, I took a couple of years off and focused on other things, offline. After awhile I thought, maybe I wasn’t really thinking about what I truly wanted in a program online ? I started to make a list of what I wanted in a affiliate program.

  1.  I want a “All in One” product and affiliate program that supplies all of the tools that I need to help me create a successful business online.

That’s as far as I got with the list. There was no need to add to it, that’s what I wanted, so be it… I began scouring the internet with Google, read review after review, eventually coming across “Pure Leverage”(G.V.O) for awhile, became frustrated with the lack of leverage and the smoke and mirrors,  so I left. It’s hard to sell something that you don’t believe in. I then ended up in “All In One Profits” (A.I.O.P), which is actually a decent company that supplies some good tools and training that are needed to be successful. Unfortunately there was a lack of staff on their side as well as a huge language barrier making it very difficult to get anything done as a team.

I eventually ran across Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago in 2015. I signed up for free and told myself I would come back to check it out. Unfortunately in the process of consolidating and re-organizing my laptop as well as my mind, I stopped using the email address I signed up with and I totally forgot about Wealthy Affiliate. 🙁 I had gotten side tracked and was talked into being a beta tester/founding partner of a “all inclusive” program with built in SEO and all kinds of bells and whistles promised to me and it’s members.Well, after a year of pre-launching and me shelling out $149 a month for a product I really couldn’t see, I said “see ya !”. I finally went back to my old email account, in February 2017 to clear it out and close it. Of course I found all these emails from Wealthy Affiliate. Duh ! What I was looking for was there in front of me the whole time! 🙂 So, here I am. I think it’s pretty obvious that I like it here…

Having been In the search for making a full time income online, I decided to organize all of my learned mistakes and dead ends and use them to my advantage . Thus turning my past failures into my present and future successes ! “How to earn affiliate income” is a product of that.

My wish is for everyone to learn from my mistakes and hopefully take heed to my suggestions, I am a open book and have nothing to gain from lying.

That being said… I will be promoting some things on this site that I am affiliate of and yes I will make a commission from the sale of such products, memberships or services.

Any affiliate programs or memberships that I do promote, I have researched and tested, and fully believe in their reliability of income generation.

Me and mom,she turned 81 last month!

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