What is the best type of affiliate marketing program ?

I’m sure many people will agree when I say that “no affiliate marketing program is created equal”…

There are many types of affiliate programs online today, thousands to say the least. Some of them are “true” affiliate programs, others are multilevel marketing programs disguised as affiliate programs. Is there really a difference? Well, yes and no… We will decide by the end of this post.

When asking “What is the best type of affiliate marketing program ?” The answer could be found thru a long, drawn-out debate over whether or not multilevel marketing is credibly affiliate marketing, or the answer could simply be that it is a matter of opinion and preference for what fits the person that is involved in the program.

Multilevel marketing is a “type” of affiliate marketing, but, there is a “pyramid detail” added to it.

The pyramid in multilevel marketing is a type of affiliate marketing, yes, though an honest to goodness affiliate program does not require it’s affiliated to recruit more affiliates in order to make a recurring, steady income. Why? Because a true affiliate program is based on commissions from sales of a product or service sold by the affiliate, you! It is not based on the sales of an affiliate that signs up under you. That would be stealing, essentially.

On the other hand, MLMers are required to buy a certain amount of product every month to qualify for compensation. It is not a bad thing when the products are good, not overpriced and compensation is proper. It is only bad when companies utilize the tool in the wrong way. Moreso to take advantage of the affiliates’ financial investment and time spent in the program, rather than assuring the affiliates’  actual well being in the program. What type of company takes commissions away from a person that you recruited in order to pay you? A company that doesn’t want to pay it’s affiliates a true commission worth recruiting for! Pretty crappy I think…
Not all MLM companies are like that though, some do actually look out for their distributors and reward them handsomely as well. You just have to look for them.

So…Let me ask this question…

What is the best type of peanut butter? Whaaat? My analogy… 

Well, yeah… There are many types of peanut butter just as there are many types of MLM and Affiliate Marketing. All three have different ingredients that make up their structures to create one end product.


  • This is processed smooth or chunky peanut butter with added processed sugars, salt, bad hydrogenated oils(trans fats), preservatives, artificial colors/flavors added and generally laden with pesticides. But, generally cheaper. Many consumers buy them because the commercials say that it’s good for them and they should buy it, so they do. Then they find out later on that it’s making them sick and their kids obese. It could have been avoided if they did some research on the ingredients before buying the product. Really no different than a bad MLM company that is bogged down with subpar products, a bunch of useless ebooks and low distributor compensation. Plus you’re stuck with all this low-grade product that you can’t sell because you didn’t research the company first.



  • This is natural smooth or chunky peanut butter that you have to stir because the natural oils separate, some add natural sugar and salt but is generally a healthier more pure form of peanut butter but still is heavy with pesticides. Usually a medium price. Much like a good MLM or affiliate program that has, it’s head in the right place, Decent products and a promising compensation plan with a good track record, but still, leave room for improvement.


  • Then there is the organic natural smooth or chunky peanut butter that generally has nothing added to it and no pesticides used in the growing process. Thus being the purest and most healthy, but generally higher in price depending on the brand or where you buy it. Similar to a great Affiliate program in it’s purest form with honest owners, incredible, useful products that you need to become successful. Plus, an incomparable compensation plan.
  • If you do your research and look around, you can generally find the best without having to pay the higher price  Though high quality is priceless in my opinion. 

All in all, I think that the best type of affiliate program is one that is not going to make you sick. Financially, mentally and physically, seriously…it may sound silly, 

but it’s true. The best affiliate program I have found out there to date is Wealthy Affiliate. WA has all the “Grrrreat” and good, none of the bad. 

More great Info about Wealthy Affiliate here

As far as our MLM and Affiliate Marketing conflict goes, The answer is really up to you…

Until next time… Keep it real



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