How to earn affiliate income…overview

There are many ways to earn affiliate income.The most popular way is affiliate marketing online(internet marketing) rather than offline ,as there is a larger audience to appeal to.
In this article we will introduce various ways of making a income as a affiliate online,and what to look out for.This is a overview of what is to come in future articles.  

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when a company that has a product,service or concept for sale and offers compensation(commission) to outside sales people (affiliates) in return for traffic,leads and sales generally coming from your personal or affiliate website.

Success may be defined as generating traffic to the website, resulting in a sale or even resulting in the website guest registering on your website or filling out a  lead capture form. Therefor,enabling you to make a sale later on,at the backend thru email marketing.


The compensation for affiliates is based most commonly on cost per lead, cost per link click or cost per sale. Cost per lead and cost per link click are generally paid by way of a flat fee which is earned by the affiliate each time a web user either simply clicks a banner or text link ad on their website or does a prespecified action after clicking the ad. Cost per sale could end in the affiliate being given a flat fee or a percentage of a sales transaction depending on the agreement between the product owner and the sales affiliate.Many times the owner will require that you as an affiliate recruit customers (signups) underneath you to create more income.This is MLM or multi level marketing. A form of affiliate marketing we will cover in the next article.

percentage in affiliate commissionsMany retail (e-commerce)sites have a free affiliate program but only offer between 3%-10% commissions and just a link for you to promote.You’d have to do a lot off selling to make any money.Though,as a Amazon affiliate,you can promote a product on your site(if you have a site) and anything that a customer buys from Amazon,you get commission,that can add up pretty quickly.We’ll also cover that in the next article.

Other companies that sell strictly thru affiliate marketing may offer anywhere between 40%-100% commissions but there is generally a monthly charge and autoship of products usually at a very over inflated price.Thus,making it difficult to make money at the beginning and your out of pocket expense could bring you down.Unless you are
a super salesperson! Needless to say, there are many programs to stay away from. We’ll cover more of that in a future article.

There are many software companies that have very good affiliate programs and even give you the ad copy and capture pages to sell their products.Some of them will host the pages,but it is best to have a website or blog of some sort to host on your own.

So,How can I make money?

In Short

There are really hundreds of ways to earn affiliate income,you just have to take into consideration that all of these things require some dedication of time,the will to learn and teach others,as well as some investment of money. I’m sure that you’ve heard “it takes money to make money” or “nothing is free in life”.Well,it’s partly true. Just remember.Don’t spend anything that you can’t afford!

Until next time…

Keep it real , Derek B

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