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Why is email marketing important ?

Email marketing is as integral to all of internet marketing , as a autoresponder system is to all of email marketing.

If you provide any type of service online/offline,or you are a affiliate marketer, online store owner or a blogger,email marketing should be a very important part of your daily marketing routine.When utilized properly email marketing can be beneficial to the survival of your business.

Okay,to be fair to everyone who may be reading this, A simple definition of email marketing is …

 A way to approach existing or prospective customers/clients directly via electronic mail with ads,offers and promotions.

Permission based email marketing…

A prospective customer gives you direct permission either verbally,if a friend, or thru a opt in form or lead capture form on a webpage,generally connected to your personal or affiliate business autoresponder.That way your future customers are essentially being screened and sent ads and offers that are more specific to their interests or needs,therefore being, targeted emails.There should always be a link to un-subscribe to email list at the bottom of each mail as well. 

Note: If one or more advertising and solicitation emails are sent without the person’s permission ,especially with any links directing the recipient away from the emails ,it is considered spam!

When email marketing is done properly ,by permission,it is a great way to reach out to hundreds or even thousands of possible customers at a fairly low price point.Especially if we compare it to other forms of advertising such as Social media marketing,Pay per click (ppc) ads or buying banner ad space on someone else’s website.They can ad up to a hefty investment of time and money! So, even if you do get a sale from advertising those ways ,how will you keep in contact with and retain your new customer? Through email marketing of course…

The Customer retainer-maker (Autoresponder)

Yes,”The customer retainer-maker”! That’s what I like to call it anyways. It’s a automated customer follow up system (aka) Autoresponder .There is that 12 letter word again.

A autoresponder system is quite simply a program or software that automatically sends follow up letters to leads,customers and clients after they have submitted a contact form with name and email on your web page.

Once the form is submitted it will trigger a confirmation email to be sent to the recipient.After they confirm their email address ,the recipient will be sent a number of pre-written emails automatically.The emails can be scheduled by the day and how many days between mailings.You are also able to broadcast emails to your whole list of contacts or just certain ones at any given time,separately from your scheduled emails. Of course you need to supply the content for the emails if you are offering a training course in whatever niche you are involved in. Some affiliate programs also supply pre written letters that you are able to upload into your autoresponder.It is good to personalize them to your own style though.

Many affiliate programs will now have you submit your autoresponder code to connect the form on your affiliate site to your autoresponder rather than theirs  If you have your own site or a blog,you can easily insert the autoresponder code to the page.Wordpress is especially easy for that.

Most autoresponder programs are web based and some you actually have to download.Stay with the web based.

There are so many different autoresponder services out there

( I will be reviewing all of these and more in the future)

  • Getresponse (very nice,great landing page maker,starting at $19 pm, but pricey if you have a sizable email list over 500 )
  • Aweber ($15 a month basic is more than the basics,but pricey  over 1,000 contacts,but twice as many as getresponse)
  • Rocket Responder (Unlimited contacts and emails for only $20 a month)
  • ArpReach (Very good,unlimited contacts,emails and many added options for one yearly price of $195 )
  • Fluttermail ( Clickbank based autoresponder with monthly starting at $17 up to 1,000 contacts,great affiliate program )
  • many more…

The one that I use and like enough is… may not be a “State of the art” autoresponder,but it does what it’s supposed to do and offers a substantial recurring income that most of them out there don’t…

Email Marketing

      1. A lucrative affiliate program
      2. Unlimited contacts and emails for one price,$17.95
      3. Unlimited campaigns
      4. Lead capture pages
      5. Ad tracker

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