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What is the best type of affiliate marketing program ?

I'm sure many people will agree when I say that "no affiliate marketing program is created equal"... There are many types of affiliate programs online today, thousands to say the least. Some of them are "true" affiliate programs, others are multilevel marketing programs disguised as affiliate programs. Is there really a difference? Well, yes and no... We will decide by...

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What is MLM and it’s clever disguises ?

Things can get kind of tricky when a network marketing company compensates it's members/distributors on the foundation of recruiting other members rather than actually selling the company's products or services.Mainly focusing on the compensation plan rather than the products themselves. A multi-level marketing system where most of the profits come from recruiting other members(downlines) may be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.​...

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How to earn affiliate income…overview

There are many ways to earn affiliate income.The most popular way is affiliate marketing online(internet marketing) rather than offline ,as there is a larger audience to appeal to. In this article we will introduce various ways of making a income as a affiliate online,and what to look out for.This is a overview of what is to come in future articles.   What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing...